What to expect

The Landing is a exciting place to come, meet new people, learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, & engage in modern worship with others. You are welcome just as you are. 

What is the overall enviroment like?

Our Sunday services are designed to bring opportunity for those attending to experience God in a real & tangible way. Our worship is driven by the Gospel and the grace that has been so freely given to us. The preaching of The Word is challenging & relevant to bring us to a place of change. 

What should I wear?

You can wear a suit or shorts. Whatever you're comfortable in. We are much more concerned about what’s going on inside of a person, than what they are wearing on the outside. If it helps you out, our pastors are usually in jeans. So just come as you are.

What's the music like?

We have a live band of talented musicians that do an amazing job leading our church in worship with relevant music. We don’t own a pipe organ. Our live band usually consists of guitars, drums, bass, and keys.

Will I be asked to give money?

If it’s your first time, we actually want you to keep your wallet in your pocket. Just come and experience a service at The Landing. If you like it and want to call it your church home, then we believe giving financially to God and His church is the right thing to do as part of the family.